Year 2023


HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Award 2022/2023

Financial Education Centre  "e$mart Financial Management Kids Society"  received the "Excellence in Social Impact Innovation (Large Organization)” and "Special Award for NGO” in the HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Award 2022/23 organised by The Hong Kong Management Association

Corporate and Employee Contribution Programme 2022/23

The Society received "Bronze Award”, “2nd Highest Donation Award for Donation Drive” and ”9th Top Fund-raiser Award” of “Corporate and Employee Contribution Programme 2022/23 (CECP)" by the Community Chest

HSBC HK Community Partnership Programme 2023

Financial Education Centre “Empowering Your Life’s Second Half Financial Education Project” received the “Outstanding FinFit Project Award” in the “HSBC HK Community Partnership Programme 2023” organised by The Hongkong Bank Foundation


Investor and Financial Education Award (IFEA) 2023

Financial Education Centre "Financial Literacy e-Run"  received the “IFEA (Public/Professional Body and NGO) - Bronze Award” by The Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC)