Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Index

Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Index

The wellbeing of Hong Kong families has always been a concern of HKFWS. We conducted the first research study of Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Index (HKFWI) in 2019, raising public awareness towards family wellbeing. To trace the family wellbeing status in Hong Kong regularly and provide a significant reference for Hong Kong families, government and stakeholders from different sectors, HKFWS has launched the second study of HKFWI in 2022 by interviewing 2,002 Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above who are living with their families.

Ms. Amarantha Yip,Chief Executive of HKFWS, and Ms. Teresa Cheung, Senior Manager of HKFWS, announced the "HKFWI 2022" and made recommendations on enhancing family wellbeing in Hong Kong

“HKFWI 2022” Revealed Drop in Overall Index Score (Note 1)

HKFWI online questionnaire consisted of six domains, namely “family solidarity”, “family resources”, “family health”, “social connection”, “social resources” and “work-life balance”. According to the result, HKFWI has dropped from 6.31 (Note 2) in 2019 to 6.10 in 2022. The domains on “social connection” and “social resources” see the largest decrease. The phenomenon “The Poor Getting Poorer” has also manifested in family wellbeing.

To further investigate families in Hong Kong, especially those in need of assistance, the Society has introduced a study to understand neighbourhood and property management about their responses to residents seeking supports in November and December, 2022. The study also attempts to heighten the public awareness on improving the situation of “social connection” and “social resources” of Hong Kong residents and strengthen the neighbourhood.

The Society has produced posters and promoted HKFWI via our service centres and corporate partners’ platforms

Connect with Different Stakeholders to Enhance Public Awareness on “Family Wellbeing”

To encourage public more effectively to complete HKFWI's online questionnaire and draw public attention to family wellbeing, the Society has advertised the campaign through diversified channels, including media interviews, social media, public events and corporate collaborations, etc. Working with various stakeholders, we conveyed our messages to our target audiences of different age groups.

One can immediately understand family wellbeing status and acquire tips on uplifting family wellbeing through HKFWI online questionnaire

Note 1: The overall HKFWI score ranges from 0 to 10; a higher score indicates better family wellbeing. Four levels of family wellbeing status, namely good (≥7.5), average (6 to <7.5), below average (5 to <6), and poor (<5), were set based on the percentiles of the HKFWI scores of the sample in 2019.

Note 2: For valid and direct comparisons between the surveys conducted in 2019 and in 2022, methodological enhancements related to missing value treatment and survey data weighting have been made on the survey data in 2019 and in 2022, leading to a minor change to the HKFWI score in 2019.