Mediation Services and Divorce Services

Service Highlights

To address the increasing number of divorce cases, we supported families in need, through various mediation services and divorce services, to handle divorce related issues in an amicable and rational manner. We supported divorced parents to facilitate children coping with their family changes by adopting the “child-focused” perspective. New initiatives also began to support remarried or blended families and help them overcome challenges appeared during the critical family transition.

Develop Family Constructive Dispute Resolution (CDR) Centre to enhance harmonious family and interpersonal relationships

Assist divorced parents to serve as co-parents, enable them to understand children’s needs and to jointly create “Two Happy Homes” for their children

Launch Financial Management Project for Divorced Families, help divorced parents to adopt the “Child Perspective” to handle maintenance and financial management
issues in an amicable manner
Launch an online training platform to allow diversified and flexible learning opportunities for divorced / remarried / blended families

Develop Family Constructive Dispute Resolution (CDR) Centre to Enhance Harmonious Family and Interpersonal Relationships

Mediation Centre rendered professional mediation casework service to help resolve high-conflict disputes among divorced couples, parent-and-children, carers of elderlies in families as well as colleagues. We organised community and youth peace navigator training, training for professional mediators, mediation education and legal consultation programmes to facilitate different people of the society to apply mediation in their daily life and to help the community resolve conflicts. In order to enhance the public awareness and recognition of the concept of mediation, we widely used social and mass media in promotion so as to enhance mutual respect, rebuild trust, as well as to prevent and manage interpersonal conflicts despite diversities.

The Community Peace Navigator Training, through interactive and experiential activities, helped its participants to understand how to iron out conflicts between people with nonviolent methods
Continued Professional Development Seminar was conducted for family mediators to strengthen their capabilities of helping family members settle financial disputes

Assist Divorced Parents to Serve as Co-parents, Enable Them to Understand Children’s Needs and to Jointly Create “Two Happy Homes” for Their Children

The Parent-child Connect Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre devotes itself to promoting “Child-focused Co-parenting”. Through the Parent-child Contact Service, the Centre assists children to maintain stable connection with their non-residing parents in a neutral and conflict-free environment. Varieties of support groups, workshops and activities such as “Certificate Course on Child-focused Co-parenting”, “Why my children resist to connect with me?”, “Support Group for Non-residing Mothers”, etc., have been tailor-made to support separated or divorced parents to achieve a better understanding on their children’s needs amidst critical changes in family relationship and, for the best interest of children, to adopt cooperative co-parenting to foster resilience among children to positively cope with critical family changes and grow up healthily under two households. 

Promoting the message on “Create two happy homes for their children”

Launch Financial Management Project for Divorced Families,
Help Divorced Parents to Adopt the “Child Perspective” to Handle Maintenance and Financial Management Issues in an Amicable Manner

Family Resource Centre (FRC) has launched the Financial Management Project for divorced families, promoting proper ways of financial management and maintenance payments from the “child-focused” perspective. Our financial social worker and co-parenting counsellor have collaboratively designed series of brand-new support services, such as financial management workshops for divorced families and focus groups on aliment, etc., to facilitate divorced parents to focus on best interest of children, adopt positive financial management values and recognise the importance of proper maintenance arrangement. Funded by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau, we have produced educational materials such as booklet and story cards for the community, to raise public awareness of the importance and significance of child maintenance payments, and to safeguard the welfare and rights of children together.

Booklet on Maintenance Management
Story Cards on Maintenance Management

Launch an Online Training Platform to Allow Diversified and Flexible Learning Opportunities for Divorced / Remarried / Blended Families

An e-Learning and interactive platform has been launched under the Jockey Club “Let Go and Let’s Go” Support Project for Divorce and Blended Families. Through varieties of online and face-to-face courses and workshops, etc., the Platform created tailor-made learning opportunities for parents, children, teenage or grandparents from divorced, remarried or blended families in order to enhance their resilience and capability to positively cope with challenges due to critical changes in family relationship or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). The Platform also offered professional training to facilitate the sector to understand difficulties and needs of divorced, remarried or blended families, to learn related intervention and to promote knowledge exchange within the industry. 

Website cum e-Learning and interactive platform for divorce / remarried / blended families