Special Services

Service Highlights

Through rendering professional services to individuals and families as well as the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to business and public sectors, our Special Services have continued to offer solutions for individual, family and workplace problems. The promotion of volunteering services among individuals and enterprises has also fostered self-improvement and contribution to the society.


Implement experiential learning edutainment programmes about electronic financial management in primary and secondary schools in response to the era of electronic transactions, expanding our financial education initiatives to young children and elders Support women carers through Online to Offline (O2O) means simultaneously, we combined research results and service experiences to jointly promote multi-generational family education services with the industry
Assist employees and their families in coping with challenges posed by the pandemic, economic and social changes through Employee Assistance Programme  

Implement Experiential Learning Edutainment Programmes about Electronic Financial Management in Primary and Secondary Schools in Response to the Era of Electronic Transactions, and Expand Our Financial Education Initiatives to Young Children and Elders

Financial Education Centre has adopted a combination of online and offline modes to share financial educational ideas and experiences with overseas and non-social work professionals. Invited by the “Taiwan Fund for Children and Families”, we hosted a six-month long professional financial education training for Taiwan’s social workers through online means. Following previous financial social work training courses, we organised the first “Financial Social Work Educator Certificate Course” specifically designed for non-social work participants, conveying a concise framework of attitude and value about financial education to other professionals. Joining hands with each other, we worked with various sectors to publicise financial education in the community. We also launched again the large-scaled city hunt, "E-Run 2023", with newly-added digital elements. Incorporating improved electronic elements, the campaign leaded students from 30 schools to explore financial knowledge in real-life scenarios using an exclusive application, allowing them to understand that financial management knowledge is deeply rooted in our daily lives.

Merging online and offline formats, "E-Run 2023" navigated participants through an exclusive application
The first “Financial Social Work Educator Certificate Course” for non-social workers
Delivering training and consultation for social workers from the “Taiwan Fund for Children and Families” for six consecutive months, we passed on our experiences and skills to those in Taiwan

Support Women Carers Through Online to Offline (O2O) Means Simultaneously, We Combined Research Results and Service Experiences to Jointly Promote Multi-generational Family Education Services with the Industry

Women and Family Enhancement Centre has noticed the stress of carers had intensified during the pandemic. Therefore, with the support of Sir Robert Ho Tung Charitable Fund, we implemented the “Selfless Care, More Self Love” Mental Health Enhancement and Wellness Project for women carers to boost the mental health of women carers and launched a website, namely “You Matter” (umatter.hk), to connect women carers online, advocate mental health knowledge and provide individual consultation to women suffering from emotional distress, with the purpose to help them overcome challenges brought by the pandemic. As the “Education and Support Project for Multi-generational Families” entered its third phase, a resource package combining research results and the second phase’s experience was completed and released in the Multi-Generation Co-parenting Practice Research Result Announcement that took place in May, 2022, during which professional workshop was being held. The team also collaborated with different NGOs and schools to continuously promulgate multi-generational family education services.

Multi-Generation Co-parenting Practice Research Result Announcement took place in May, 2022, during which we offered training for our fellow practitioners using the grandparents’ section of the resource package

Assist Employees and Their Families in Coping with Challenges Posed by the Pandemic, Economic and Social Changes Through Employee Assistance Programme

As pandemic in Hong Kong subsided, Wellness Programme continued to dispense such services as counselling, training, crisis intervention for public and private sectors as well as education organisations. As the normalcy resumed, to assist employees in adapting to the new working mode, interpersonal communication and workplace relationship, and in tackling the ensuing pressure, we collaborated with business enterprises to arrange on-site and online workshops like “Effective Communication”, “Aromatherapy Massage”, “Acupressure for Office Workers” and “Stress Management”. After years of social distancing, “Volunteer Recognition Ceremony” eventually resumed at the Hong Kong Productivity Council, attended by approximately 200 participants and corporate volunteers. They witnessed and recognised the passionate contribution of individual and corporate volunteers as well as volunteer teams. 

Invited by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), we gave our sharing experience with enterprises during the Seminar on Employees’ wellbeing - Health benefits through Work-life-balance