Youth Services

Service Highlights

Upholding the belief of “family-centric” perspective, the Society provides school-based social work services to more than 40 primary and secondary schools. ATAA Jockey Club Tseung Kwan O Youth Square also offers integrated youth services in the community. In this year, we have expanded our scope of personalised and tailor-made service, so as to help young people and families to confront the challenges after the pandemic.

Empower inner strength of youth and families through embracing a growth mindset Incorporate mediation into daily life through online and offline learning and rebuild mutual trust in relationships
Address youth mental health and family relationship issues induced by the use of internet by integrating evidence-based intervention Provide tailor-made and personal life planning services and connect families to
serve as companions
Enhance competence and confidence of students with special educational needs and cultivate inclusion in schools Foster resilience among families and teenagers, and allow them to face challenges and adversity with love and communication

Empower Inner Strength of Youth and Families Through Embracing a Growth Mindset

Focusing on boostering “Inner Strength” and cultivating the “Growth Mindset” , Power T.A.G. - Boosting Inner Strength Project improved the mental wellness of youth and families. The project has been kick-started in the 2022-2023 academic year. More than 200 activities were held for youth, families and teachers in 40 secondary serving schools to establish a mental health-friendly environment for youth. Regarding “Community Engagement”, a total of 11 series of youth, family and community joint-school activities were arranged to attain the service impact of "Transformation, Actualisation and Satisfaction". To advocate the message on youth mental wellness, a recognition ceremony of SoulCollage® Project took place at “Homeland” Family Market 2022.

Promoted “Family Health Relationship” at Central Pier with booths
Joined hands with school stakeholders to promote youth mental wellness in the Recognition Ceremony of SoulCollage® Project
Parents and teenage children cooperated closely in the "Family Laser War Game" for reinforcing family solidarity
Four episodes of “Conflicts in Family” were aired to further mutual understanding between teenage children and parents
“Power On” Community Ambassadors worked together to resolve the difficulty and arranged a community event

Incorporate Mediation into Daily Life Through Online and Offline Learning and Rebuild Mutual Trust in Relationships

With the sponsorship from Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Jockey Club Happy Family with M.E. (Mediation Education) has been implemented since September, 2022. The unprecedented “Mediation Self-Learning Online Platform” allowed the public to easily learn fundamental mediation knowledge at any time to build harmonious family and interpersonal relationship. We enhanced our peer mediation service by further polishing the “Peer Mediation Project Manual” for 348 trained peer mediators to consolidate their mediation knowledge and skills. We also promoted mediation culture together with the education, corporates, and social sectors.

2022 - 2023 Peer mediation game booth at school
Invited by Department of Justice to attend the “Mediate First” Pledge 2023, we also introduced the peer mediation service
The unprecedented Mediation Self-Learning Online Platform publicised mediation education to general public

Address Youth Mental Health and Family Relationship Issues Induced by the Use of Internet by Integrating Evidence-based Intervention

Internet education and counselling service (HealthyNet) targeted students, parents and teachers. The service offered personalised learning experience and professional counselling to address miscellaneous forms of internet crisis and family conflict. It also imparted training for teachers, sharing experiences on coping with internet crisis, promoting information literacy, raising the awareness of using the internet healthily, and establishing a positive online environment together.

Promoted information literacy to the public through STEM game booth
Taught students to film and edit videos and to acquire information literacy effectively by utilisation of electronic devices
Organised interactive activities to facilitate parents and children to learn healthy online culture, family communication, and interpersonal skills

Provide Tailor-made and Personal Life Planning Services and Connect Families to Serve as Companions

To render a more in-depth support for students with specific needs, our life planning service introduced the “Individual Study and Career Support Service for Secondary School Students and Dropouts (Service)”. It provided tailor-made provision service, including counselling, training, visits and job placement, with the purpose to boost the confidence of students in exploring and attaining their life goals. Besides individual support for students, the service connected their families with different stakeholders to serve as their companions and motivators.

A nurse demonstrated how to tape up wounds during a placement workshop
Students participated in the job placement programme to learn design techniques imparted by a designer
Teachers acquired the latest study information and counselling skills for life planning
Senior students attended mock interviews and prepared themselves for the future

Enhance Competence and Confidence of Students with Special Educational Needs and Cultivate Inclusion in Schools

To cultivate inclusion culture in schools, students were recruited as inclusion ambassadors to launch booths, which allowed students to learn about caring as well as respecting differences and similarities. To enhance the sense of competence among SEN students, support their adjustment in campus and development of life direction, a variety of activities were launched, including problem solving via new sports, emotion healing by expressive arts, career planning groups and visits, and training on executive and social skills.

Apart from an interesting game, making LEGO allows one to acquire ways of planning and uplift one’s execution skill
Through painting and creating decorations, teenagers let go of their negative emotions
Inclusion booth - students learnt to respect difference and embrace inclusivity
Social thinking® training group for students with difficulties in social interaction
Enhanced problem solving capacity with positive attitude through playing new sport

Foster Resilience Among Families and Teenagers, and Allow Them to Face Challenges and Adversity with Love and Communication

Adjusting to the resumption of normalcy and schools, teenagers and parents experienced difficulties and stress. Regarding this, the Society offered a variety of events through the Jockey Club "Promoting Family Resilience Project” and the “Deliver-Love”- Youth Parents “Family Life Education Programme” to 4,700 families, during which they developed the capacity to confront adversity by supporting each other, expressing themselves without restraints, and solving problems with flexibility.

Through adventure activities, parents and children developed a positive attitude to confront challenges and adversity together
Parents & their children learnt how to apply mindfulness into their family interaction
Family photo taking created quality parent-child moments and produced positive family energy and memories of growing up for families
Discovered the “resources and power” of families by understanding and appreciating each other from multiple perspectives