Staff Development and Training

Staff Development and Training

Recognised as a “Manpower Developer” by the Employees Retraining Board (ERB)

The Society has been recognised as a “Manpower Developer” by the ERB since 2016, which acknowledges its outstanding achievement in staff development and training.

Received the honor of “Manpower Developer” from ERB

Conduct Various Training and Workshops for Staff

The Society utilises its resources wisely to support internal and external training for its staff. A total of 87 internal training programmes, covering various theories and skills of professional intervention, were organised for staff of different grade. We received positive feedbacks from our participants, with an average rating of 5.2 out of a 6-point scale for every training course. 97.1 percent of attendees remarked that these training events have fulfilled their expected goals, which reflected our staff satisfaction with the training quality. To meet the emergent challenges of service development, the Society has also launched a series of training, such as “Supervisory Programme for Social Workers and Community Workers of the Elderly Service”, “SoulCollage® - Service Introduction and Vision Sharing” and a workshop on “Case Conceptualisation and Intervention for Counselling”.

Case conceptualisation and intervention for counselling
SoulCollage® - service introduction and vision sharing
Supervisory programme for social workers and community workers of the elderly service

Organise Staff Orientation Programmes

Staff orientation programmes were held on a regular basis, enhancing new colleagues’ understanding of the Society’s history, mission, vision, systems and services as well as fostering their sense of belonging to the Society. Three divergent service-specific induction courses were arranged for newly-recruited social workers to cultivate their understanding of the “family-centric” perspective and equip them with knowledge and skills in service delivery. Training was also imparted for management staff to boost their leadership skills.

On-site Staff Orientation Day resumed as the pandemic receded
Youth Service Induction Course for both newly recruited and existing staff
Improving legal knowledge for service supervisors and management staff

Subsidise Staff to Attend External Training Programmes

The Society subsidised 295 staffs to attend external training programmes covering 220 topics. A total of 555 days of study leave were granted for them.