Community Care and Support Services for the Elderly

We provide support in household duties, personal care, nursing care, rehabilitation, day care, carers’ support, health promotion, and community support services to the elderly or families in need and persons with disability. These services enable elders to stay at home of their choice, while the carers are supported to perform their caring role.

Elderly Community Support Service provides different services for the elderly to facilitate them to live healthy, positive, active and happy lives. Integrated Home Care Services provides a wide spectrum of home care and support services by 8 Integrated Home Care (IHC) teams, e.g. nursing care, rehabilitation service, home safety and advice, home modification, personal care, escorting service, day respite, child care, laundry, meal delivery service, purchase of daily necessities, house cleaning, psycho-social intervention and referral service, etc. Day Care Service includes day care centre, home based rehabilitation and care, home care and care-giver support.

Day Care Service

Target Users

  • Elders and persons in need of day care service or rehabilitative care service (e.g. patients discharged from hospital)
  • Care-givers (e.g. family members, relatives and friends, domestic helpers)

Service Delivery

  • Day care centre (e.g. basic nursing care, rehabilitative exercise & cognitive training, therapeutic group)
  • Home based rehabilitation and care (e.g. basic nursing care, rehabilitative exercise & cognitive training, personal care)
  • Home care (e.g. elder sitting, escorting, household cleansing)
  • Care-giver support (e.g. training on care skills, support group, purchasing rehabilitative aids)


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