Community Care and Support Services for the Elderly

We provide support in household duties, personal care, nursing care, rehabilitation, day care, carer support, health promotion, and community support services to the elderly or families in need and persons with disability. These services enable elders to stay at home of their choice, while the carers are supported to perform their caring role.

Elders and Caregivers Mental Health Service

In view of the ageing population, more elders and caregivers face mental health issues. This service aims to support elders to cope with their stresses in their old age and caregivers in handling their caring stress by different kinds of interventions. The service components include:

Target Users


  • Advance Care Planning Project:
    Elders living in the community who are
    - aged 60 or above, with life threatening disease, e.g. mild dementia, cerebrovascular disease, cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney failure; or
    - aged 80 or above
    - Priority will be given to those financially deprived, e.g. recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance/ Old Age Living Allowance/ Low-income family


  • Family-based Dementia Assessment and Support Project:
    Family-based Dementia Assessment Service
    - Aged 65 or above;
    - Elderly not yet diagnosed with dementia by any medical professional; and
    - Elderly identified with early signs of dementia.

    Dementia Care Planning Service:
    Certified Dementia Care Planner or qualified professionals will comprehensively assess the needs of caregivers, assist them in setting goals and systematically facing care challenges.

  • Elders and Caregivers Psychiatric Consultation Service:
    Older adults aged 55 or above with signs of mental health / emotional disturbance who have never received psychiatric treatment; or are reluctant to go to hospitals / clinics for consultation.

  • Mental Health Group for Older Adults:
    Older adults aged 55 or above with emotional disturbance / stress.|

  • Smiley Activation Project - Community / Home-based Depression Treatment for the Elderly:
    • Treatment-oriented "Smiley activation" Anti-depression Self-Management Programme: Elders aged 60 or above elderly with depression symptoms.
    • Other promotional and educational activities: General public.


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