Youth Services

We help young people overcome problems which may hinder their psychosocial development, and to facilitate their personal growth and potential development, and to support youth at risk or in disadvantaged circumstances. Special programmes are tailored to address the parenting issues to promote harmonious family and interpersonal relationship.

Peaceful Conflict Resolution Service

In response to the increasing conflicts among youngsters, our Peaceful Conflict Resolution Service aims at strengthening adolescents’ ability in resolving interpersonal disputes in a peaceful and constructive way, and building up a positive nonviolence culture in the school and community through launching the "Peer Mediation Project”, "Peace and Mediation” Education Series, "Life Cycle Mediation Project” and "Help Increase Peace Programme” in different schools and the community.

Target Users

Youth, parents, teachers and relevant professionals.

Service Delivery

Training courses, workshops, talks / seminars, training for relevant professionals.

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