Youth Services

We help young people overcome problems which may hinder their psychosocial development, and to facilitate their personal growth and potential development, and to support youth at risk or in disadvantaged circumstances. Special programmes are tailored to address the parenting issues to promote harmonious family and interpersonal relationship.

ATAA Jockey Club Tseung Kwan O Youth Square is our Integrated Children and Youth Service Centre (ICYSC) situated in Tseung Kwan O. We provide school-based stationing service and a variety of service projects to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.Our Peaceful Conflict Resolution Service aims at strengthening adolescents’ ability in resolving interpersonal disputes in a peaceful and constructive way, and building up a positive non-violence culture in the school and community through launching the "Peer Mediation Project", "Peace and Mediation"; Education Series, "Life Cycle Mediation Project" and "Help Increase Peace Programme" in different schools and the community.Adolescent Mental Health provides a series of specifically designed preventive educational programmes and activities on improving the mental wellness by addressing adolescents’ developmental needs, as well as strengthening their support networks and systems to foster their holistic health."Net" Education and Counselling Service addresses the problems that have arisen due to the increasing popularity of the internet such as internet addiction, cyber bullying, the online generation gap, the spread of inappropriate content, and smartphone overuse.Service for Special Education Need (SEN) helps students with special education need facilitate their school adjustment and personal growth.

ATAA Jockey Club Tseung Kwan O Youth Square

ATAA Jockey Club Tseung Kwan O Youth Square 

Our Integrated Children and Youth Service Centre (ICYSC) is situated in Tseung Kwan O District. The service objectives are:

  • To develop potential of youth and help them to adapt to the changing environment
  • To cultivate young people’s sense of concern for the community
  • To build up a caring community for youth
  • To provide support for youth at risk and in disadvantaged circumstances

Target Users

Youth aged 6 - 24 and their parents.

Service Delivery 

  • Developmental and interest groups
  • Volunteer training and services
  • Counselling and enquiries
  • Life skills training
  • Outdoor activities
  • Parents and teachers training


ATAA Jockey Club Tseung Kwan O Youth Square