Integrated Family Services

We provide integrated services with a child-centred, family-focused and community-based approach. Our integrated services promote resilience among families and individuals, and facilitate effective ways to prevent and cope with difficulties and challenges.

Currently we have 6 Integrated Family Service Centres located in North Point, Yau Tong, Shun Lee, Sham Shui Po, Tseung Kwan O and Kwai Chung. With a “family-centric” perspective, we provide comprehensive and professional services to families, to help them handle various problems, develop the potential of individuals and families, enhance family resilience and strengthen family mutual help in the community to build a caring society.

Jockey Club “Sunny Nature”-Family Wellness Project

Project Period

April 2021 - June 2024

Funded by: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Family carers have paid a lot of effort to take care of either children or elders but they seldom care about themselves which will pose negative impacts on their physical and mental wellbeing, caring function and family relationship. With the sponsorships by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the 3-year “Sunny Nature” -Family Wellness Project has been launched at Zonta White House-Family Retreat Centre for enhancing family carers’ mental health, easing their caring stress and facilitating their family solidarity through nature-based mindfulness and family activities.

Zonta White House - Family Retreat Centre Video

Zonta White House - Family Retreat Centre 3D VR Video

Service Objectives

  • Enhance public awareness on the need of family carers
  • Enhance family carers’ mental health by learning to take a break and enjoy leisure time with their families
  • Enhance mental wellbeing and stress coping skills through mindfulness and family activities in nature.

Target Users

  • Parents of children with special educational needs
  • Divorce parents taking care of children
  • Carers of elders with dementia
  • Other family carers

Service Delivery

  • Enhance the wellness of family carers through a series of family nature-based activities and mindful exercises
  • Provide a time to take a break for family carers and their family members to enjoy in natural environment and facilitate their connection and communication
  • Build the supporting network for family carers with different social service partners.

Service Content

Community Education Programme for general families

  • Enhance public awareness on the need of family carers
    - Education Talk / Experiential Workshop for family carers
    - Community Education Booth
    - Community Education Promotional Video
    - Project Newsletter

Nature-based Programme for general families

  • Promote family time in nature-based activities & workshop for family carers
    - “Happy family in nature” Carnival
    - “Take a break” workshop for family carers
    - “Healthy Kitchen” Family Camp

Consolidated Intervention Group & Programmes

  • Enhance family carers’ skills in coping with stress and foster family relationship through nature-based mindfulness programmes, peer support group and mindful practice
    1. “ Peaceful carer “group
    2. Consolidated progammes
        - “Touch with Love” Day Camp for elders and their carers
        - “Intimate Moment” Couple Day Camp
        - “Blessing for a New Milestone” Family Day Camp
        - Support Group for carers


Zonta White House - Family Retreat Centre

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