Mediation Services and Divorce Services

We provide diversified mediation services and divorce services to support families to handle divorce related issues in an amiable and rational manners so that both parents and children’s needs are addressed. We also encourage divorce couples to develop child-focused perspective to facilitate children coping with family changes through co-parenting and regular parent-child contact.

Mediation Centre resolves disputes among family members, aiming at promoting the spirit of mediation to different targets in the community, including the elderly, couples, parents and adolescents, with the mission to cultivate the harmonious culture in society and to prevent and resolve conflicts in an amicable way. Parent-child Connect Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre offers one-stop co-parenting and parent-child contact services. Family Resource Centre is our first centre to serve drop-in families and divorced couples. The Centre provides diversified territory-wide services for divorced couples.

Family Resource Centre

Established in 1988, the Centre is our first centre to serve drop-in families and divorced couples. Sponsored by The Community Chest, the Centre provides diversified services for divorced couples and families in Tuen Mun district.

Service Objectives

  • Assist divorced parents in adjusting family transition
  • Facilitate divorced parents to develop "child-focused" co-parenting
  • Facilitate children from divorced parents to develop positive attitude, rebuild their confidence and security
  • Enhance resilience of individuals, families and to strengthen family relationship and functions to enhance parenting competence
  • Assist needy families to establish support network

Target Users

  • Divorced couples
  • Families living in Tuen Mun

Service Delivery

  • Legal consulation service related to divorce
  • Co-parenting education and counselling service
  • Growth and therapeutic activities
  • Mutual support groups for divorced couples and single parent
  • Service for children adaption support, peer support and navigation service

Family Support in Tuen Mun district

  • Community resources and support service
  • Family growth and support service
  • Volunteers of Family Resource Centre


  • A Beam of Hope (Chinese version only)
  • Divorced and Single Parent Women Peer Support (Chinese version only)
  • Co-parenting teaching material for Separated and Divorce Parents (Chinese version only)


Family Resource Centre