Mediation Services and Divorce Services

We provide diversified mediation services and divorce services to support families to handle divorce related issues in an amiable and rational manners so that both parents and children’s needs are addressed. We also encourage divorce couples to develop child-focused perspective to facilitate children coping with family changes through co-parenting and regular parent-child contact.

Mediation Centre resolves disputes among family members, aiming at promoting the spirit of mediation to different targets in the community, including the elderly, couples, parents and adolescents, with the mission to cultivate the harmonious culture in society and to prevent and resolve conflicts in an amicable way. Parent-child Connect Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre offers one-stop co-parenting and parent-child contact services. Family Resource Centre is our first centre to serve drop-in families and divorced couples. The Centre provides diversified territory-wide services for divorced couples.

Jockey Club ‘Let Go and Let’s Go’ Support Project for Divorce and Blended Families

Project Period

October 2021 – September 2024

Funded by: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

To address rising needs of divorce and blended families, with sponsorship from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society has piloted the Jockey Club ‘Let Go and Let’s Go’ Support Project for Divorce and Blended Families from October 2021 to September 2024.

Target Users

  • Divorced Families
  • Remarried / Step / Blended Families
  • Professionals and General Public

Service Objectives

  • To facilitate divorce / blended families to deal with their emotions and hurt derived from the critical family transition and adverse life experiences.  
  • To assist:
    - Members from remarried / blended families to develop intimacy, mutual trust and support.
    - Parents from remarried / blended families to build up “child-focused” co-parenting concept and to facilitate positive growth of children / step-children.
    - Children from remarried / blended families to build up confidence and sense of security, and positively adjust to changes in family relationship and two homes life.
    - To raise societal concern on needs of divorce and blended families and to foster caring atmosphere in the community.

Service Contents

  • Project Helpline  8100 8020
  • Recovery Work for Divorced Families with Children
    - Therapeutic Support Services for Divorce and Blended Families
    - Therapeutic Workshops / Groups for Parents
    - Support Services for Grandparents from Divorce / Blended Families
  • Revamping Work for Remarried / Step / Blended Families
    - Child-focused Coaching for Remarried and Blended Families
    - Workshop for Couple / Parents Preparing for Remarriage
    - Enhancement Programme for Parents from Step / Blended Families
    - Programme for Children / Adolescent from Step / Blended Families
    - Parallel Programme for Step / Blended Families
  • Reconnect with the Community and Society
    - Website and E-Learning Platform
    - Outreaching and Community Education Programme
    - District-based Collaboration
    - Professional Training

Services Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9:00am to 1:00pm / 2:00pm to 5:30pm

Friday: 2:00pm to 6:00pm  / 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am to 1:00pm


Address: Unit 1901, 19/F., Laford Centre, 838 Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon (Correspondence Address)
Tel: 8100 8020
Fax: 2728 1039
Email:[email protected]

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