Mediation Services and Divorce Services

We provide diversified mediation services and divorce services to support families to handle divorce related issues in an amiable and rational manners so that both parents and children’s needs are addressed. We also encourage divorce couples to develop child-focused perspective to facilitate children coping with family changes through co-parenting and regular parent-child contact.

Mediation Centre resolves disputes among family members. Family Constructive Dispute Resolution Centre provides mediation education and service, aiming at promoting the spirit of mediation to different targets in the community, including the elderly, couples, parents and adolescents, with the mission to cultivate the harmonious culture in society and to prevent and resolve conflicts in an amicable way. Parent-child Connect Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre offers one-stop co-parenting and parent-child contact services. Family Resource Centre is our first centre to serve drop-in families and divorced couples. The Centre provides diversified territory-wide services for divorced couples.

Parade of Lights – Pilot Project on “Child-focused” Intervention Programme for Children Facing Parental Conflicts / Separation or Divorce

Project Period

October 2018 - September 2021

Sponsor: The Community Chest

Children from divorced/separated families not only experience the hardship of facing parents’ marital break down, but are also caught in the middle as the scapegoat when their parents are engaged in disputes and conflicts on child care and other family matters. From a "child-focused” perspective, this project provides a series of community education and buddies-support programmes, psyco-educational workshops, therapeutic groups, and children coaching services with aims to facilitate children to develop capacity and resilience to positively cope with stress or impacts arisen from conflictual family relationship and crisis.

Target Users

1) Children from divorced/separation family
2) Children who are facing parental conflict
3) High conflict/divorced parents

Service Delivery

“Parade of Lights” website, Training Workshops/Seminars for Professionals, Territory-wide Psycho-educational Programme for Children, Cheer Buddies Support Programme for Children, Putting Kids First-Education Programmes; Voice from Kids; Divorce Care Counselling/Therapeutic Groups for Children; Divorce Coaching Service for Children; Children-Parent Parallel Group.

Service Hotline

Parade of Lights - Pilot Project on "Child-focused" Intervention Programme for Children Facing Parental Conflicts / Separation or Divorce Service Helpline 8100 8020


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