Special Services

Our special services and trust funds meet the changing needs of the community. These include services namely Financial Education Services to education institutions and public, an Employee Assistance Programme for corporations, and tailor-made professional fee-charging counselling to individuals and families to overcome and manage personal issues and difficulties affecting the family and workplace. Our volunteer service also facilitates personal growth, self-actualisation and contribution to the community.

Financial Education Centre is designed to promote financial literacy of children, youth and parents through experiential activities, edutainment programmes and social media platforms. The Centre also offers Financial Social Work Certification Training to equip social workers with the competence in intervening in finance related matters.

Women & Family Enhancement Service focuses on sustaining the development of the "Bridge to Competence Project" sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and running some other services and programmes to support the women targets, especially the socially isolated and deprived. Education and Support Project for Multi-generational Families aims to support multi-generational families to build up positive and harmonious in-law relationship as well as to raise community concern to the needs of the multi-generational families.

Wellness Programme includes Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Wellness Training Programme, Counselling and Clinical Psychological Service, and Corporate Volunteer Service.

Designated Funds

Benefactors Fund

The "Benefactors Fund” aims at providing temporary financial assistance to the service users of our Society with imminent needs. Applications have to be assessed and submitted by social workers of HKFWS and approved by the Secretary of the Fund.

The Fund comprises 2 schemes, "the Grant Assistance Scheme" and "the Loan Assistance Scheme". The Fund supported needy individuals and families mainly on their basic living expenses, rent, furniture and psychiatric treatment expenses, etc.

To raise the public and sponsors' awareness and understanding of the Fund, a booklet which features stories of beneficiaries was published. It helps to illustrate how the Fund has helped the families to get through the critical moments during their hardships. 

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CIS Khim Houng Lee Education Fund

The CIS Khim Houng Lee Education Fund was set up to pay tribute to Madame Khim and to honor the teachers, parents and students of the Chinese International School (CIS) who have been making continuous support in fund raising and offering tangible support to motivate the deprived students to continue their studies.

In the past year, most of the beneficiaries were primary and secondary students. Among them, about half of the beneficiaries came from single parent families, their parents were divorced or separated. Among all the beneficiaries, some of them were living with parents who have been suffering from mental illness. The fund provided essential support to help the children in adversity to continue their studies.

Apart from providing financial support to the deprived students, students from the Chinese International School also participated in voluntary services for the community. They also offered free English tutorial classes to deprived students.