Special Services

Our special services and trust funds meet the changing needs of the community. These include services namely Financial Education Services to education institutions and public, an Employee Assistance Programme for corporations, and tailor made professional fee-charging counselling to individuals and families to overcome and manage personal issues and difficulties affecting the family and workplace. Our volunteer service also facilitates personal growth, self-actualisation and contribution to the community.

“Bridge to Competence Project” funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Project period

1st phase: June 2005 – March 2008
2nd phase: April 2008 – March 2011
3rd phase: April 2011 – March 2014
4th phase: April 2014 – March 2017
5th phase: April 2017 – March 2020
6th phase: April 2020 – February 2023

Service Objectives

Assist women to:

  1. Understand and affirm themselves and develop positive values in life
  2. Discover potential, enhance self-confidence, self-esteem and ability
  3. Broaden horizons, expand the community support network, and enhance their sense of belongings to the communities
  4. Enhance the motivation for social participation and foster an atmosphere of caring for friendship and mutual assistance in the community

Target Users

Women and their family members

Service Delivery

  • Group and Training Workshops
  • Outdoor/Indoor Event
  • Community Education Talk
  • Outreaching Activities


Women and Family Enhancement Centre