Decline in overall HKFWI score, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society calls for different sectors to collaborate to improve Hong Kong’s overall family wellbeing

(SCMP 2022-05-26 9:18:00)

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (HKFWS) is committed to enhancing family wellbeing. The Society conducted the first study on “Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Index” (HKFWI) in 2019, aiming to develop a socially relevant and culturally appropriate measurement tool of sound reliability and validity to regularly assess the wellbeing of Hong Kong families. The Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Index (HKFWI) 2022 was conducted in January 2022 with a total of over 2,000 respondents. The main objective was to assess the latest wellbeing status of Hong Kong families in 2022 and to make comparisons with the previous results. The study also helped to gauge the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on family income and family relationships.