Wheelchair-friendly places and foster homes: father’s love conquers life of hard knocks for this Hong Kong family (Eng version only)

(SCMP 2022-06-19 9:18:00)

The Cheng family has had some hard knocks. Chris Cheng Wai-yiu, 44, who has two sons, suffers from muscular dystrophy and will use a wheelchair for life. His wife died of leukaemia when his older son, Matthew, was in kindergarten.

“When my sons were younger, I could still take care of them, since I could still stand temporarily and do various sorts of things,” Cheng said of his boys, now aged 10 and 11.

“However, now I am in a wheelchair, so I often cannot attend to their needs immediately. If they spill something, I cannot clean it. And I cannot bring them to places with stairs.”

Muscular dystrophy is a genetic condition that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass in a person over time. As his disease became more severe, Cheng decided to put his sons into foster care about four years ago.