Event Highlights

「最緊要一家人」新春系列電子賀咭及App sticker (Chinese Version Only)

農曆年將至,本會以「最緊要一家人」為主題,設計了一系列圍繞新春節慶的電子賀咭及WhatsApp / Signal sticker,疫情下雖然減少聚會,但仍可透過短訊向家人及友好互相傳遞最緊要一家人的關愛信息和串串祝福。


App Sticker:下載

Other news

"Family First” Sharing Session (Part 1)

The first sharing session, themed "The Two Generations 'in Sync' ", was held on 19 April at Hong Kong Family Welfare Society’s North Point Integrated Family Service Centre. Renowned journalist Lo Sai Cheong served as the guest host, accompanied by former Hong Kong actress and singer Cindy Au, as well as champion of the talent show "Midlife, Sing & Shine!" , Albert Chau as guests, shared from the perspective of parents that how different family members could maintain family happiness in their roles. Kitty Chau, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, also inputted her professional insights. 


有「濾」無憂家長工作坊及網上座談會 (Chinese Version Only)


家福會 X 英皇電影 《出租家人》優先場 (Chinese Version Only)