As a single mother, I always want to find a job and make a living, but I am worried that no one could take care of my young children. Are there any social resources that can help me? What are the qualifications and methods of applying?

What are the target users for foster care service?

Are the foster care cases referred by social welfare organisation or the Social Welfare Department?

What are the differences between “foster care service” and “emergency foster care service”?

Where will the foster child go after leaving their foster parents? Will they return to their birth parents or are there any other arrangements?

What are the requirements for being foster parents?

How do we match suitable foster parents to children?

How to calculate daily expenses of foster children?

What else should foster parents pay attention to when taking care of foster children?

How to apply to be a foster family?

Does foster family need to attain any special skills to take care of foster child with special needs eg. basic medical knowledge ?