Couples relationships affects individuals and even the whole family. Our professional team provides information and practical tips on our services to prevent problems appearing among couples and enhance their relationships. When their relationships are on the rocks, we provide advice on solutions for their problems to ensure couples can learn and grow together.


What is “co-parenting” for divorced family? How does it help divorced family’s children?

I decided to end the 8-year marriage with my wife and apply for a divorce. Our relationship has been very terrible. How can we practise “child-focused” co-parenting?

If divorced couple decided to practise “co-parenting”, are there anything they have to bear in mind?

My husband and I decided to divorce. How can I inform my children?

Is “co-parenting” only suitable for couples with low conflicts? Any recommendations for divorced couples with high conflicts?

What is the major support for divorced couples in “co-parenting”? What resources are provided for couples in need?