Couples relationships affects individuals and even the whole family. Our professional team provides information and practical tips on our services to prevent problems appearing among couples and enhance their relationships. When their relationships are on the rocks, we provide advice on solutions for their problems to ensure couples can learn and grow together.

Getting ready for marriage

My fiancée is stressed about having a perfect wedding, what can I do to help her?

Both of our parents have their own opinions on our wedding arrangements. How should we handle it?

My fiancée grows up in a single-parent family which her parents have been separated since she was in primary school. She worries that she will experience the same. How should I comfort her?

How should we split chores when living with parents after marriage?

My spouse and I are very busy with work, and we don’t even have enough time for chores and rest. Should we raise a child?

I want to live with my parents after marriage but my spouse disagrees. What should I do?

Our parents want to have grandchildren soon after we get married, but in a complex and competitive society we don't have this plan, how should we explain it to them?