Couples relationships affects individuals and even the whole family. Our professional team provides information and practical tips on our services to prevent problems appearing among couples and enhance their relationships. When their relationships are on the rocks, we provide advice on solutions for their problems to ensure couples can learn and grow together.

Marital Relationship

My husband is always late to give housekeeping money to family. When I push him, he will lose his temper. What can I do?

We have married for more than 30 years and yet I don’t know how to break the ice with her?

I have been married with my husband for several decades, but we seem like miles apart emotionally. Can anyone help me? I don’t know what he thinks and how to start a conversation with him. Can you teach me how to communicate with him?

I envy some couples are always in love. However, it is not the case for me and my husband. We always quarrel. Any tips for me to maintain our good marital relationships?

My husband and I hold different political views on the social issue. We get upset after each discussion. In order to avoid disrupting our relationships, shall we avoid discussing this issue?