HKFWS is always committed to promoting “Ageing in Place” and release new service initiatives. To support the elderly and their family members to live in a familiar place, our professional team shares some useful information and suggestions here to address the elders’ physical and psychological needs.

Elderly’s Children Emigration

We decide to emigrate to the United Kingdom next year but will not bring our parents to go. When and how would I inform them about our emigration to alleviate the impact on them?

After emigration, I understand that the elderly parents worried not only losing their families members and their support, but also "if their children are not beside them when they passed away, who will help them arrange their after deaths’ arrangement" or “What can they do without their support?”

I don’t want to leave my parents in Hong Kong, so I decided to emigrate overseas with them. How can I help them adapt to the new life?