Financial Education

We want the children to save money, but also afraid them of being stingy and becoming a miser. How should it be balanced?

First of all, you can let the children understand how the management of money exerts its effects. For example, saving money is not managing money wisely. It does not make the money to exert its effects. First, let the children understand that the use of money is necessary, so that they will not be a miser. Every time you have "income", you can allocate money to various expenses and make for "emergency needs", so that you can have space for leisure or reward yourself for consumption. Of course, the main problem may be a sense of security, and perhaps also need to understand how children know money/savings and see how to categorize it. Sometimes, it is because of personality. The important thing is to balance our life without affecting our lives and the family around us! The most important of all is to know that we can control finances, not to be controlled by money in our lives.

Source: Ms. Chan, Social Worker, Financial Education Centre of Hong Kong Family Welfare Society