Research & Advocacy

The Society is committed to promoting social and services development through evidence-based research and family-centric advocacy work. Research informs how we develop and enhance our services. We share the results and views via mass media or at professional seminars, and make recommendations to the government.

Over the years, we have conducted a number of research projects on matters concerning families, youth, the elderly and children in Hong Kong. These include the Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Survey, our enhancement of Integrated Home Care Service,  the relationship between the co-parenting mode of divorced/separated parents and the physical and psychological health of their children, the mental health of SEN youth and their carers, and many more.

The research reports are available in Chinese only. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us.

Research Report On A Study On Family Wellbeing Index In Hong Kong
Research Report on a Study on Mental Health Problems and the Needs of Foster Children on Hong Kong (Revised Edition)
Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Index 2022
Evaluation Study on the Application of CPI Model in Co-parenting and Parenting Coordination Services