Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

Maintain Close Communications with the Media and Develop Social Media to Enhance Connections with Stakeholders

The Society has consistently maintained close communications with the media. Such works include actively responding to media enquiries and sharing relevant professional opinions on social issues. We also arrange media interviews to disseminate information related to the Society's services to the public. In addition to utilising traditional media to distribute information, the Society has focused on the development and implementation of social media strategies in recent years to enhance our connections with stakeholders. For instance, we engaged with the public through innovative short videos and other formats to foster two-way communications with people of all ages and to raise public awareness of family wellbeing.

Our professional social workers, clinical psychologists did not only attend media interviews but also regularly contributed articles to newspapers and online media to share advice related to “family wellbeing”
Utilising social media platforms effectively, the Society shares the latest news and information related to our vision and foster brand image. During the year, our Facebook and Instagram pages have generated over 1.5 million number of people reached, representing a 278% increase from the previous year

Promote Family Wellbeing Through Diverse Online and Offline Channels in “Family Month 2022”

“Family Month 2022” focused on “Family Wellbeing in Transition”, aiming to promulgate the message that maintaining family wellbeing is always an important life issue even in the face of various changes. To convey the campaign’s message and information, the Society employed miscellaneous online and offline channels, including print media, outdoor digital TV and local travel website, etc. We also collaborated with celebrities and influencers on social media to reach a wider audience, increasing the Society’s exposure and the attendance of activities of “Family Month”.

“Family Month 2022” invited artist Mr. Kaki Sham, who embodies the image of a warm and caring father, to serve as the event ambassador in our promotional video. The video has been shared on his social media platform and displayed on outdoor digital TV

Utilised public transportation as a means of territory-wide advertising to increase brand exposure

Establish Collaborative Networks and Partnerships with Corporations and Connect Sectors in Society to Care for the Community

Being a social welfare organisation dedicated to serving the public, the Society regards establishing a caring community collaboratively as a key aspect of our works. We are committed to promoting collaboration within the Society and cross-sector collaboration, as well as to mobilsing social resources to assist people in need. In February 2023, we launched the “Fostering Love. Blessing Families” programme. Through “Lost Love” Charity Movie Premiere starring Sammi Cheng, the programme raised funds to aid foster children in need under the Society’s care. To pursue the programme, our staff were engaged in connecting with different social sectors. Eventually, we received donation from over 20 organisations and warm-hearted individuals, raising over HK$900,000. We will continue to cooperate with more corporations and groups to serve the community and bring positive energy to society together in the future. 

The “Lost Love” Charity Movie Premiere was concluded on 27th February, 2023 with the participation of over 650 guests and donors. Cast and crew members shared their filming experience and encouraged public care for Hong Kong’s foster children