Children Services

Upholding the "family-centric" perspective, the Society has been providing different kinds of children services including the Foster Care Service, Kindergarten Social Work service, Neighbourhood Support Child Care Project, and the After School Care and Support Programme, to serve and support needy families, and to promote the well-being and development of children.

The Foster Care service provides temporary residential family care to children whose family members cannot adequately take care of them due to family problems. Children in need can enjoy family life and proper care until they can be restored home or have other long-term care arrangements. Emergency Foster Care Service provides immediate and short-term family care to children under 18 years of age, whose parents cannot care for them because of emergency or crisis situations. In our After School Care and Support Programme, we provide Centre-based and School-based After School Care and Support Programmes to primary and secondary school students in different service units to assist students. The Society also participates in the Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-Primary Institutions (Phase 1 to Phase 3) to provide Kindergarten Social Work Service for 32 kindergartens. Our Society also launched "Nurturing Seeds” School Social Work Services in a self-financing mode to provide stationing kindergarten social work service to kindergarten and nurseries. The "Neighbourhood Support Child Care Project” (NSCCP) aims at providing a flexible form of day care service for children aged under 9 to meet the needs of the parents at the neighbourhood level.