Children Services

Upholding the "family-centric" perspective, the Society has been providing different kinds of children services including the Foster Care Service, Kindergarten Social Work service, Neighbourhood Support Child Care Project, and the After School Care and Support Programme, to serve and support needy families, and to promote the well-being and development of children.

Foster Care Service and Emergency Foster Care Service

Foster Care Service

The service provides temporary family care to children who cannot be adequately cared for by their families due to various family problems. Children in need can enjoy family life and proper care until they can be restored home or have other long-term care arrangements.

Children will be matched with foster families who provide 24 hours family care. Supervision and support are offered to foster parents to ensure quality of care and to facilitate adjustment of foster children. A three-month after care service will also be provided after their discharge.

Emergency Foster Care Service

Emergency Foster Care Service provides immediate and short-term family care to children under 18 years of age, whose parents cannot care for them because of emergency or crisis situations, so that they can continue to enjoy family life until they can reunite with their families or secure a long-term placement.

The duration of care should not exceed 6 weeks.

Target Users

Child between newborn and under 18 years of age, normal in health and intelligence or special educational needed.

Service Delivery

Provide 24 hours family care to the children in need.

Fees and charges

Foster Care Service is fully subvented by the government, and no service charge was required. Foster parents will receive Foster Care Allowance for maintenance of foster children's monthly expenses. Parents/ guardians need to shoulder children's education related expenses and medical expenses.

Application Procedure
For Children in need of Foster Care Placement

Please contact integrated family service centres, medical social work units or other social service units for interviews and referrals.

Being a Foster Parent


  • To provide children between newborn and under 18 years of age, in need of proper care due to family difficulties and crises, with harmony and stable family care, to promote the wellbeing and development of children;
  • To bring warmth, care, concern and love to these children and their family.

The ideal foster parents should preferably have:

  • Fondness for children, experience and ability in child care
  • Tidy, clean and safe living condition with adequate living space
  • Reached the age of 25 or above
  • Happy family life and stable living
  • Good health and stable emotion
  • Readiness to accept social worker's investigation and guidance

(Persons who do not fully meet the above conditions are welcome to contact us for consideration on individual case)


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