Community Care and Support Services for the Elderly

We provide support in household duties, personal care, nursing care, rehabilitation, day care, carers’ support, health promotion, and community support services to the elderly or families in need and persons with disability. These services enable elders to stay at home of their choice, while the carers are supported to perform their caring role.

Elderly Community Support Service provides different services for the elderly to facilitate them to live healthy, positive, active and happy lives. Integrated Home Care Services provides a wide spectrum of home care and support services by 8 Integrated Home Care (IHC) teams, e.g. nursing care, rehabilitation service, home safety and advice, home modification, personal care, escorting service, day respite, child care, laundry, meal delivery service, purchase of daily necessities, house cleaning, psycho-social intervention and referral service, etc. Day Care Service includes day care centre, home based rehabilitation and care, home care and care-giver support.

Smiley Activation Project – Emotional Health Support Service


The mental wellbeing of elderly has long been a main concern of our society. Since 2015, ‘Smiley Activation Project’ (SAP) aimed at providing supportive service to improve emotional wellbeing for those elders suffering from depressive mood. With 2-year sponsorship of Mental Health Initiatives Funding Scheme starting from April 2022, our project has been renamed as ‘Smiley Activation Project – Emotional Health Support Service’, serving users aged 50 or above in need of emotional support and their carers.


To promote public concerns and individual emotional wellbeing for older persons and carers, who suffer from depressive mood, through strengthening connection to community resources, engagement with pleasure activities, and problem solving ability.

Service Content

Smiley Activation ‘Emotional Health Management Programme’

Aim: Enhancement on emotional management ability & positive carer-care receiver’s  relationship

Targeted user: Older persons and carers, aged 50 or above, suffering from depressive mood

Service content:

1) Exploring and practicing adaptive coping and problem solving

2) Counseling, pleasure activity scheduling, connection to community resources

Service format: 1) Home visit, video call or phone contact (by social worker & volunteer)

1)  Group / programme

2)  Daily life practice

3) Service referral

Number of session: 10

Smiley Activation ‘Emotional Health Care Line’  2793 2922

  • Answering enquiries by older persons & carers by trained volunteers
  • Providing emotional support and information on community resources

The line is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Other Activities

Aim: Enhance public concern on emotional wellbeing for older persons and carers

Target: General Public


  •                 Psycho-social programme
  •                 Educational activity
  •                 Volunteer recruitment and service
  •                 Educational material

Service Hours

Monday – Friday  : 9:00am – 1:00pm / 2:00pm - 5:30pm
Saturday                : 9:00am – 1:00pm



Free of charge


Service Hotline

Enquiries: 2793 2922

Emotional Health Care Line: 2793 2822


Coordinating center

Oi Tung Service Centre

Service Leaflet


Useful Materials for Emotional Health


A.      印刷品類 (Printing Materials)




B.      短片類 (Video)


微光前行因有你 — 了解長者抑鬱



(講者:臨床心理學家 蕭皓而女士)






(講者:精神科醫生 黃美彰醫生)



(講者:精神科醫生 何浩賢醫生)



(講者:社會工作顧問 黃愛球姑娘)



橡根帶運動 第一部份

橡根帶運動 第二部份

橡根帶運動 第三部份

簡單家居伸展運動 1 頸、肩膊

簡單家居伸展運動 2 背、 腰、 腿






家居小手工 用牙刷 棉花棒 畫畫!

家居小手工 紙玫瑰

家居摺紙 摺心心

家居摺紙 小狗



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