Special Services

Our special services and trust funds meet the changing needs of the community. These include services namely Financial Education Services to education institutions and public, an Employee Assistance Programme for corporations, and tailor made professional fee-charging counselling to individuals and families to overcome and manage personal issues and difficulties affecting the family and workplace. Our volunteer service also facilitates personal growth, self-actualisation and contribution to the community.

Education and Support Project for Multi-generational Families

Service Introduction

Researches reviewed that dissatisfactory in-law relationship might be significant obstacles to the building of harmonious family relationship. The birth of the grandchildren will bring new challenges to the family system and as a result, family members may feel stressful and even their mental health may be affected. In view of this, with the sponsorship from the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation, the "Education and Support Project for Multi-generational Families" has been launched in October 2015 which aims to support multi-generational families to build up positive and harmonious in-law relationship as well as to raise community concern to the needs of the multi-generational families.

Project Period

1st Phase: October 2015 - November 2018
2nd Phase: December 2018 - November 2021
3rd Phase: December2021 - November 2023

Target Users

Family members from multi-generational family including mother and daughter-in-law, grandparents, husband and father-in-law, etc.

Service Delivery

• Outreach and community education programmes
• Resource corner for multi-generational families
• Potential development programmes for multi-generational families
• Training and workshops for mothers and daughter-in-laws, husbands, father-in-laws and grandparents
• Volunteers Development Programmes

Video sharing

Our 1st phase spokesmen “mother-in-law” and  "middleman” told the true stories of their roles in their families in real life, and shared what they learned and got from participating in the project.

Service Hotline

Education and Support Project for Multi-generational Families 8100 2928


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