Special Services

Our special services and trust funds meet the changing needs of the community. These include services namely Financial Education Services to education institutions and public, an Employee Assistance Programme for corporations, and tailor-made professional fee-charging counselling to individuals and families to overcome and manage personal issues and difficulties affecting the family and workplace. Our volunteer service also facilitates personal growth, self-actualisation and contribution to the community.

Financial Education Centre is designed to promote financial literacy of children, youth and parents through experiential activities, edutainment programmes and social media platforms. The Centre also offers Financial Social Work Certification Training to equip social workers with the competence in intervening in finance related matters.

Women & Family Enhancement Service focuses on sustaining the development of the "Bridge to Competence Project" sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and running some other services and programmes to support the women targets, especially the socially isolated and deprived. Education and Support Project for Multi-generational Families aims to support multi-generational families to build up positive and harmonious in-law relationship as well as to raise community concern to the needs of the multi-generational families.

Wellness Programme includes Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Wellness Training Programme, Counselling and Clinical Psychological Service, and Corporate Volunteer Service.

Wellness Programme

The Wellness Programme of the Society provides tailor-made, fee-charging services that aim to improving individuals’ physical and mental health and enhancing their capacity in overcoming and managing their personal, family or work difficulties effectively. These services include:

 Employee Assistance Programme (EAP): to deliver counseling service packages for organisations in both the commercial and public sectors to foster a caring organisational culture, to enhance employees’ productivity and sense of belonging to the company. Through hotline services and training programmes, EAP serves to achieve early intervention, helping staff to cope with life challenges and create better work-life balance.

Wellness Training Programme: to deliver trainings, seminars and workshops by trainers with variety of professional credentials. It aims to support corporations and education institutions or teams to develop staff with proactive attitude and enhanced solving, communication and people skills to facilitate more effective and efficient teamwork.

Counselling and Clinical Psychological Service: to provide fee-charging professional services including individual and family counselling, pre-marital assessment and counselling, personality assessment, children development assessment and other psychological assessment and treatment. The objective is to promote the wellbeing of individuals and support them and their families in facing life challenges.

Corporate Volunteer Service: to promote cooperation between the private and public sectors, and to facilitate integration of different social strata and build a caring community through services by corporate volunteers.

Target Users

Individuals, families, employees and their family members in the organisations of the business or government sectors and other NGOs that purchase the services.

Service Delivery

Individual or family counselling, small group, workshop, public seminar, etc.


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