Family Wellbeing

HKFWS is committed to enhancing family wellbeing. The Society helps families to understand the status of their family wellbeing by conducting socially relevant and culturally appropriate research such as the Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Index. Based on their own research, we have created an online self-assessment tool covering six family domains that enable anyone to benchmark their own family wellbeing to further understand their own family situation. We also provide professional advice to enhance the family wellbeing of the general public.

Family Solidarity

My children are very busy at work. I am afraid of disturbing them every time when I call them. Is there any way to show my concern to them?

When your children are working, they may not be able to answer the phone. If it is not urgent, you can use social media like “WhatsApp” to send messages to your children to express concern without fear of disturbing them too much. In addition, you may worry that their children feel that you are nagging. In fact, a short and relaxed message, with some emoji, can make them feel your caring.


Sources: Ms. Law, Social Worker (Family Service), Hong Kong Family Welfare Society