HKFWS is always committed to promoting “Ageing in Place” and release new service initiatives. To support the elderly and their family members to live in a familiar place, our professional team shares some useful information and suggestions here to address the elders’ physical and psychological needs.

Elderly Care

My friend has to take care of his mother who is an elderly with dementia while he has to go to work. He finds it very difficult and would like to get some help.

I am getting older and unable to do housework and cook. Any supportive services can help me? Any application requirements?

My mother has recently been confirmed to have dementia. Since I am the sole breadwinner for the family, I cannot quit my job to look after her, I feel helpless. Are there any resources available in the community to help me?

I have my own family but have to look after my mother with dementia. I have part-time jobs during the daytime, which is so stressful. Sometimes, I don’t even have time to rest. Recently, my daughter who is in primary school complained about me, saying that I rarely spend time with her. The relationship between my daughter and me has become estranged. How can I make her understand my situation and give me support?

I need to take care of my mother with dementia, my family and I have a full-time job. I am physically and mentally exhausted. Recently, I suspect that I am suffering from anxiety and cannot fall asleep often. I worry about my health. As the only caregiver of my mother, how can I maintain my health?