HKFWS is always committed to promoting “Ageing in Place” and release new service initiatives. To support the elderly and their family members to live in a familiar place, our professional team shares some useful information and suggestions here to address the elders’ physical and psychological needs.

Elderly Care

My friend has to take care of his mother who is an elderly with dementia while he has to go to work. He finds it very difficult and would like to get some help.

Our Kowloon City Centre for Active Ageing provides free cognitive and sensory training to elderly with dementia on a regular basis. Normally a two-hour training will be provided to them every week. The Centre can provide pick up service for the elderly attending the trainings if needed so as to relief the elderlies’ family members who need to go to work.
In addition, our Centre can provide respite service at centre or at home as well as provide outpatient escort for elderly members. Service hours for these services are the opening hours of the Centre (8:30am to 5:00pm on Monday to Saturday). Assessment and appointments have to be made by social workers.

Apart from providing service to support elderly with dementia, the Centre also provides support, such as stress relief group and caregiving technique training, to carers. You may refer to the Centre’s circular for more details.

For those living in other districts, you can visit the District Elderly Community Centre or Neighbourhood Elderly Centre in your neighbourhood. You may visit Social Welfare Department website for their contact details and address.

Source: Ms. Yip, Elderly Service Social Worker, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society