HKFWS is always committed to promoting “Ageing in Place” and release new service initiatives. To support the elderly and their family members to live in a familiar place, our professional team shares some useful information and suggestions here to address the elders’ physical and psychological needs.

Elderly Care

My mother has recently been confirmed to have dementia. Since I am the sole breadwinner for the family, I cannot quit my job to look after her, I feel helpless. Are there any resources available in the community to help me?

You can take your mother to a nearby Neighbourhood Elderly Centre or District Elderly Community Centre to get the information of the services and consult social workers to assesses her needs, introduce her to participate in the centre's activities or refer her to appropriate services. At present, the long-term care services provided by the government are community care services (e.g. Day Care Centres and Integrated Home Care Services/ Enhanced Home and Community Care Services) and residential care services (e.g. Care and Attention Homes for the Elderly and Nursing Homes). You can apply through the Neighbourhood Elderly Centre or District Elderly Community Centre. For details, please contact the social worker of these centres.

Source: Ms. Lam, Elderly Services Social Worker, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society