HKFWS takes a “Family-centric” perspective for service development. We believe family is paramount and devote ourselves to strengthen family wellbeing. Regardless of family backgrounds or facing difficulties, we are pleased to provide support. We also utilise community resources to alleviate their imminent hardships. Some advices are provided by our professional team derived from their past working experience here for your reference when you are in need.

Family Mediation

What is the difference between accepting and refusing Family Mediation Service?

When I use Family Mediation Service, do I need to simultaneously employ a lawyer?

When should Family Mediation Service begin?

In the Family Mediation process, may I raise the issue of receiving maintenance payment while the divorce proceedings are still taking place?

The other side and I cannot communicate with each other, may I unilaterally accept using Family Mediation Service?

Will clients or the family mediator make public or disclose to the courts any contents relating to the mediation?

Does the agreement reached in mediation have legally binding effect?