HKFWS takes a “Family-centric” perspective for service development. We believe family is paramount and devote ourselves to strengthen family wellbeing. Regardless of family backgrounds or facing difficulties, we are pleased to provide support. We also utilise community resources to alleviate their imminent hardships. Some advices are provided by our professional team derived from their past working experience here for your reference when you are in need.

Moving Abroad

My wife and I plan to migrate to Canada next year. My daughter said she likes the life in Hong Kong, and she is very reluctant to leave her classmates and relatives here. How do I convince my daughter to accept the decision to migrate?  

My wife and daughter will emigrate to Canada next month. Because of work, I cannot go with them. They will live there for a while and I will reunite with them there later. The family will be separated for a period of time. What can I do to maintain the relationship?

How to tell elderly parents and relatives on our emigration decision and prepare proper arrangements for them?