My daughter who is in primary four always loses her temper recently. She even said she wants to kill herself. I worried that she has emotional problems and desperate to learn. How can I help her?

First, it is suggested you express care and concern to your daughter, guide her to tell you what is bothering her and try to listen to her patiently. If needed, you might contact the school social worker or the teacher to get a better understanding of your daughter’s situation at school. It will be helpful if you are able find out if she has troubles handling school work or coping with peer group pressure, etc, which has caused her anxiety. At the same time, you might think about if her problem is triggered by any recent family incident or crisis. Once the cause of her problem can be identified, you can work with social worker to determine follow-up work or kinds of therapy, such as play therapy.

Source: Ms. Lok, Social Work Consultant, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society