HKFWS reaches youngsters in their campuses. With the aim of "strengthening families", we provide professional counselling service to nurture youngsters’ holistic development. Stepping into the Generation Z, youngsters indulge in internet, which creates family conflicts and parenting problems. Our social workers help youngsters facilitate their communications with parents and relieve family tension to promote mutual respect and understanding among family members.

Finally, the new semester is started. I was happy and worried because school life suddenly became unfamiliar. What should I do?

In face of the recent social conflicts, family members may have different viewpoints. How can we mend the members’ relationships?

After the class suspension, my best classmates didn't contact me. Do they all want to keep distance from me?

High school students don’t know much how to plan their future. As parents, we are worried about their life planning. How can we help them?

My children spend all their time surfing websites and playing online games. I worried that they will have internet addiction but I am not familiar with this problem.

I witnessed my classmates having conflicts at school and I wish I know how can I help them.

I have heard that “Smart Drugs” are available at pharmacies. I wonder what are these drugs and where can people buy them.

I suspected my kid has special educational needs. What should I do?

I have suspended classes and stayed at home. I am worried that my studies cannot catch up with the progress. What should I do?

I am a junior high school student. I am neither interested in the school curriculum, nor can I keep up with the progress. I want to drop out and learn cooking, but my parents opposed it. I am very confused. What should I do?

I am a working mother. Recently, the pandemic is getting worse. In addition to working from home all day, I also have to keep track of my children's study schedules and progress. My elder daughter will be promoted to secondary one next year and she is very likely to continue online learning. How do parents and children earlier adapt the new normal of online learning?  

I just started working and have my own monthly income. I feel embarrassed to talk about how much amount of household income I need to give with my parents, and I am afraid it will hurt our relationship when talking about money. How much should I pay? The more I pay, the better I take care of my parents?

Our child is emotionally unstable, as parents, how can we help them build resilience?

When I saw video clips or news related to accident on social media, I experienced mood swings or even suffered from insomnia, what should I do?

Public examination is approaching so the children are getting nervous. As parents, what should we do to help them?

I can’t participate in many activities at school during epidemic situation. It’s boring to go to class only. How can we make our school life interesting?

Recently, I noticed that my son has used the school’s online forum and online meeting software to exchange information on playing computer games with classmates rather than school work discussion after finishing a half-day online studies. I think he wasted his time.  How can I enhance his discipline when taking online courses?  

I want to shop when I am happy and unhappy. I work hard and want to reward myself for an enjoyable life. So, I always spend too much uncontrollably. What should I do to control my desire?

I am a single mother, and I lost my job due to the pandemic.  My son needs a computer to take online courses, but I can’t afford a new computer or any internet access charge for him. Besides, I have no idea on how to use computer software. Are there any social resources available to assist me?  

Credit cards have become our mostly-used electronic payment tool. As they are convenient to use and banks regularly offer different discounts, which make users excessively use credit cards by paying minimum payment. If users cannot control, they will easily go in debt. How do we help our children adjust their mindset of using a credit card?

My daughter has just promoted to primary school. She said she always feels exhausted after taking online courses and has difficulties in concentrating on her studies. What can I do to make her to become more attentive but without dampening her interest in her studies?  

Children spare much time on playing online games and they gradually spend much money to buy game props or characters, parents worry their children would get addicted to the “in-game” purchases and create financial problems. How should parents deal with this problem?

My son has taken online courses for two years. Recently, I noticed that he felt distracted and was reluctant to talk to me. I suspected he has mental health problems induced by online courses. In fact, how do parents detect their children to have such problem? What could parents do if they find their children suffering from mental health problems?  

Why do I receive my salary at the beginning of the month but end up saving no money at the end of the month?  From the financial planning perspective, how can I manage my income?  

How can we set financial goals?

My wife and I need to go to work, and our children stay home by themselves for online classes without supervision. My wife is worried that they will go online, browse webpages, play online games, get addicted to this practice, waste their time and affect family relationships. How can my wife and I make our children concentrated on studying online and developing healthy online habits?  

We want the children to save money, but also afraid them of being stingy and becoming a miser. How should it be balanced?

My children take long hours of online classes. They told me they felt exhausted and their eyes were tired. Are there any tips for eye protection and relaxation?

Should parents use money as a reward for children having good grades, good behaviour, or help with housework?

My children take long hours of online classes. They told me they felt exhausted and their eyes were tired. Are there any tips for eye protection and relaxation?

What is the correct financial management attitude and values?

Due to the pandemic, schools arranged their students to take online classes most of the time last year. I found that the academic performance of my children has been affected. In the new academic year, it is expected that the arrangement of online classes will continue. How can I help my children prepare for the new academic year and enhance their interest in learning?