HKFWS reaches youngsters in their campuses. With the aim of "strengthening families", we provide professional counselling service to nurture youngsters’ holistic development. Stepping into the Generation Z, youngsters indulge in internet, which creates family conflicts and parenting problems. Our social workers help youngsters facilitate their communications with parents and relieve family tension to promote mutual respect and understanding among family members.

Learning Problem

I suspected my kid has special educational needs. What should I do?

The major types of Special Educational Needs (SEN) include:

  • Specific learning difficulties
  • Intellectual disability
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder
  • Physical disabilities
  • Visual impairment
  • Hearing impairment
  • Speech and language impairment

If you suspect your kid has special educational needs, you can seek help from the following services:

Assessment service

Pre-school years: The Integrated Child Health and Development Programme of the Department of Health, Child Assessment Service under the Hospital Authority or Rehabilitation Service of the Social Welfare Department conduct assessment and check up for children in need.

School age years: The Education Bureau mainly provides assessment services for public sector or subsidised primary and secondary school students who have learning difficulties or speech impairment. Referrals will be made for students to receive specialised check up at the Department of Health/the Hospital Authority

Support service

 Referral of pre-school rehabilitation services for children from birth to age under six with special needs assessed

Rehabilitation services of Social Welfare Department, Department of Health, and the Hospital Authority's Child Assessment Service arrange and coordinate the rehabilitation services for children with special needs

The Education Bureau provides primary and secondary school students with special educational needs in government or aided schools with appropriate education and support services, hearing aids, ear models and related hearing services. Referral to the Hospital Authority's specialist treatment services if necessary.


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