Volunteer service

We have a network of volunteers that help serve people in need and foster a caring community. We promote the development of volunteers and build up their confidence.

Main tasks of the Centralised Volunteer Unit

Strengthen relationships with our corporate partners

By organising training and gatherings for corporate volunteers, we enable corporate partners to choose services that support and encourage their employees to participate in volunteering.

Promote the development of volunteers with special skills

Volunteers that have special skills can help different groups in need within different communities. We encourage volunteers to receive special skills training to make a difference in society and have their contributions recognised with awards.

Target Users

Individuals, families, corporations and organisations, government departments, schools and volunteer groups


Telephone: 2771 1891
Email: [email protected]

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Volunteer Recognition Day 2023

The Volunteer Recognition Day 2023 was held on 3 June 2023 (Saturday) at the Hong Kong Productivity Council Building. Over 200 volunteers and their friends and family attended the event. More than a hundred volunteers from over ten different districts and service units recognised for their selfless contributions. Representatives from various corporate partners were also presented with certificates. During the sharing session, volunteers shared their personal journeys and experiences of providing services during the pandemic, which was very encouraging and inspiring.

Ms. Rebecca Chan, Acting Chief Executive of the Society, expressed her gratitude to the volunteers for their dedicated efforts over the past year. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, their enthusiasm and wholehearted service remained unwavering. In 2022, nearly 3,000 volunteers provided 24,000 hours of volunteer service, benefiting around 30,000 citizens. Throughout the pandemic, the hotline service and distribution of anti-pandemic supplies continued without interruption, providing support to vulnerable communities.

Our officiating guest Dr. Yuen Kwok-lai (The 4th Hong Kong Volunteer Award Winner) delivered a speech encouraging volunteers to actively engage in voluntary work, persevere, and spread positivity in the community. He shared his experience and emphasised that being a volunteer is a fulfilling endeavor. The event also featured theatrical performances and dance, leaving everyone in high spirits.