Family Wellbeing

HKFWS is committed to enhancing family wellbeing. The Society helps families to understand the status of their family wellbeing by conducting socially relevant and culturally appropriate research such as the Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Index. Based on their own research, we have created an online self-assessment tool covering six family domains that enable anyone to benchmark their own family wellbeing to further understand their own family situation. We also provide professional advice to enhance the family wellbeing of the general public.

Family Resources

My son is growing up, but we have recently discovered that he is not familiar with some common life skills, such as cooking and repairing simple household appliances, and lacks initiative in learning. How can I encourage him to take more initiative to learn, to become more independent and autonomous?

Firstly, you must understand the reason behind his lack of interest in learning these life skills because he is afraid of failure or lacks interest in learning new things. If it is the latter, you may wish to start with some fun activities. For example, you can guide him to work with you to cook his favourite food. During the process, give him more support and encouragement to enhance his confidence while learning. When confidence is established, he will become more independent and autonomous.