Family Wellbeing

HKFWS is committed to enhancing family wellbeing. The Society helps families to understand the status of their family wellbeing by conducting socially relevant and culturally appropriate research such as the Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Index. Based on their own research, we have created an online self-assessment tool covering six family domains that enable anyone to benchmark their own family wellbeing to further understand their own family situation. We also provide professional advice to enhance the family wellbeing of the general public.

Family Solidarity

I have married my partner for 30 years and we are very familiar with each other. How can I bring an excitement to our lifelong relationship?

Old couples easily get bored with each other because they find everything familiar without any new excitement. The truth is they can prepare special surprises for their other half by sending a small and adorable gift or providing a special treat during holidays, or other special occasions. Couples often find it embarrassing to say “I love you” out loud, so you can pen your messages of love on a card. It is not strange to say "thank you" or “good morning” to greet your partners. Grasp some opportunities to recall happy memories. For example, you can collect some old photos to reminisce together and express gratitude to each other for the company.