Couples relationships affects individuals and even the whole family. Our professional team provides information and practical tips on our services to prevent problems appearing among couples and enhance their relationships. When their relationships are on the rocks, we provide advice on solutions for their problems to ensure couples can learn and grow together.


Is “co-parenting” only suitable for couples with low conflicts? Any recommendations for divorced couples with high conflicts?

Divorced couples with higher conflicts are those who lack of trust, show a higher degree of anger and filing litigation constantly. The relationship is full of fear, projection, blame, pain, and refusal to cooperate or communicate with each other, and even destroy the parent-child relationship intentionally or unintentionally even rely on “co-parenting” cannot make the conflicts among parents a truce. Under these situations, children are living in an environment filled with opposition, broken promises, fear and anxiety. The relations of parents are broken, causing perennial harm to their children’s growth.

For the children and divorced parents, receiving counseling or participating in therapeutic group is one of the good suggestions. The Jockey Club ‘Let Go and Let’s Go’ Support Project for Divorce and Blended Families provides therapeutic groups and divorce counselling for divorced and remarried parents. Those therapeutic groups and counselling services allow parents to deal with their marital problems and minimizes traumas brought by divorce, facilitates divorced parents starting new relationship, practices “co-parenting” and builds up a positive co-parenting and parent-child relationship.

Source: Ms. Chan, Social Worker, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society