Advance Care Planning

My partner passed away a few years ago. I have just retired recently. I do not have a son or daughter. I just have few friends and one distant relative. I have made a will, but what I am worried about is that when I am sick and there is no one to take car

I appreciate that the elderly can plan and think early about how they should deal with themselves once their health deteriorates. Entering the retirement stage is an important life stage. We have more time to organise our lives and prepare for the days ahead.

As the population ages, life expectancy increases. Before the end of life, the elderly can choose different services or make different arrangements so that they can live a good life. For example, the elderly can conclude "Enduring Power of Attorney". When they are mentally incapacitated, the attorney can take care of their financial matters. The elderly can also sign an "Advance Directive" to express what kind of treatment they refuse to receive when they are unconscious.

The elderly can learn more about "Advance Care Planning", systematically understand various services and tools, and make appropriate choices for themselves.

Source: Ms. Leung, Elderly Services Social Worker, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society