HKFWS reaches youngsters in their campuses. With the aim of "strengthening families", we provide professional counselling service to nurture youngsters’ holistic development. Stepping into the Generation Z, youngsters indulge in internet, which creates family conflicts and parenting problems. Our social workers help youngsters facilitate their communications with parents and relieve family tension to promote mutual respect and understanding among family members.

Financial Education

I just started working and have my own monthly income. I feel embarrassed to talk about how much amount of household income I need to give with my parents, and I am afraid it will hurt our relationship when talking about money. How much should I pay? The more I pay, the better I take care of my parents?

Filial piety to your parents should not be defined by a specific amount of money. The amount of household income given to your family should be determined by your financial ability. You can review your financial status by calculating, your monthly necessary expenses including the monthly household expenses to your family. It is better to share your financial plan with your parents. Let them know your financial status and burden you bear, and your savings plan, etc. Children should understand that as a member of the family, they also have the responsibility to shouldering the family daily expenses. It is recommended to discuss financial matters with family to enhance the transparency of the family’s financial situation and come up with a mutually-agreed amount for the total household expenditure. Communicate with family members and identify each family member’s responsibilities, review and adjust the amount regularly. After family members have established a clear financial boundary as well as financial goals, maintaining more discussion and understanding on these issues, you would not be afraid of talking money with your family.

Source: Financial Education Centre Certified Financial Social Worker