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My husband and I decided to get a divorce and my son is 6 years old. Should I let him know?

Children may have to face a series of changes such as feeling puzzled, afraid, sad and worried after their parents got a divorce. If parents can explain the reasons, accompany them, children will feel calm easily. Hence, we encourage parents to inform their children at appropriate times and patiently respond their enquiries on the reasons for their divorce to diminish their negative feeling.

Parents are suggested to adhere to the following principles on “how to inform children the divorce”:

1.Telling the truth
For example, father and mother hold divergent views when discussing issues. They always quarrel.

2. Telling children about the change of their life and the future arrangement
For example, after parents getting a divorce, you will still live with either father or mother. However, you will see, play with your either of them even though he or she will not live with you.

3. Parental love remains unchanged
For example, though parents getting a divorce, they are still your parents and they are pleased to have a kid like you. Your parents continuously love you and co-operate with each other to take care of you.

After getting a divorce, parents have to face many challenges and difficulties as well, parents should manage their emotions and have enough energy and wisdom to company your kids.

For assistance, please contact Family Resource Centre or Parent-child Connect Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre.

Source: Ms. Leung, Social Worker, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society