Couples relationships affects individuals and even the whole family. Our professional team provides information and practical tips on our services to prevent problems appearing among couples and enhance their relationships. When their relationships are on the rocks, we provide advice on solutions for their problems to ensure couples can learn and grow together.

Marital Relationship

I envy some couples are always in love. However, it is not the case for me and my husband. We always quarrel. Any tips for me to maintain our good marital relationships?

Marriage is life-long journey and needs couples to pay much efforts in managing their relationships to build a family. Even good couples indeed have the chance to quarrel with each other. Having conflicts is natural because two persons with different family backgrounds, values and handling methods live together, they need time to adopt, co-operate and align. Indeed, this is not simple and easy. To enhance the relationships, we need to keep the “love” and “warmth” and give support to endure, accept the relations.

Couples easily find their life in chaos because of household work, children’s homework and parenting. They would like to complete each of the tasks as soon as possible. If we take everything for granted and those which did not meet expectation and receive complain, it will create negative feeling and hurt couples’ relationships. Quarrelling, on the one hand, is acceptable if it does not hurt the couple’s relation. However, it can help reduce conflicts among different individuals. You would have learnt to face the problems and found out solutions.

First, take a halt and find appropriate time, use warm words and express your concern to construct an environment for positive communication and find the way out. To maintain good marital relationships, you can take a small step in your daily life or you will find surprises.

You can take the following tips:

  • Husband easily feel blessed to find a bowl of hot soup after work at home
  • Send lovable words and cheering messages to your partner via whatsapp such as “Thank you” and “Thinking about you” on your mobile phone.
  • Reserve time for a walk, go to market and accompany with kids
  • Give your partner a hug and massage

We hope these tips can help you.

Source: Ms. Lok, Social Work Consultant, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society