HKFWS takes a “Family-centric” perspective for service development. We believe family is paramount and devote ourselves to strengthen family wellbeing. Regardless of family backgrounds or facing difficulties, we are pleased to provide support. We also utilise community resources to alleviate their imminent hardships. Some advices are provided by our professional team derived from their past working experience here for your reference when you are in need.

Family Mediation

If I have difficulty communicating with my spouse, can I accept family mediation services unilaterally?

Only if both parties agree to separate/divorce and are willing to attend the mediation interview together can they receive family mediation services. The parties need to inform the other party of their intention to separate/divorce and have contacted our Centre (you can provide the other party with service information such as leaflets or the website of the Mediation Centre If the other party does not object, our Centre can contact him/her and invite him/her to accept this service. This can make the other party more mentally prepared, and may be more willing to accept family mediation services.

Source:Mediation Centre